Harmony Wynelands Theatre Pipe Organ
Harmony Wynelands
9291 E. Harney Lane
Lodi, California

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Bob Hartzell, former president of the California Winegrape Growers Association, is the proud owner of the 2/11 Robert Morton that was originally installed in San Francisco's Castro Theatre. The organ was removed from the theatre by Dave Schutt and Ron Downer in 1962 and later purchased by Charlie Davis of Concord. Davis made several changes to the organ including replacement of the original two-manual console with a three-manual console from a theatre in Provo, Utah.

Hartzell purchased the organ in 1987 and his son, Mark, designed a new building to house the organ. The building, set in the middle of Bob's private vineyard, looks like a picturesque blue and white country barn, but the interior is no barn! It's a wonderful organ studio, 30' wide by 60' long with a 30' high beam ceiling, and is complete with guest quarters for visiting artists.

Dave Moreno was responsible for the organ layout and installation. Tim Rickman wired and programmed the Devtronix computer relay and Tom DeLay did the tonal finishing. The late Larry Vannucci played the premiere concert in 1990. The organ was featured for fifteen years at the highly acclaimed Morton Madness concerts.

1995 - Walt Strony    1996 - Lew Williams    1997 - Ron Rhode    1998 - Barry Baker

1999 - Clark Wilson    2000 - Charlie Balogh    2001 - Simon Gledhill    2002 - Dave Wickerham

2003 - Jelani Eddington    2004 - Jonas Nordwall    2005 - Tom Hazleton    2006 - Jim Riggs

2007 - Paul Quarino    2008 - Ron Rhode    2009 - Mark Herman

Interior view of the organ studio
Bob Hartzell's famous "Blue Barn"

Main Chamber
Concert Flute
Flute Celeste
Orchestral Oboe
Violin Celeste #
Violin Celeste b
Vox Humana
Solo Chamber
English Horn
Oboe Horn
Open Diapason
Tibia Clausa
Percussion Chamber
Orchestral Bells
Toy Counter