Ironstone Vineyards Theatre Pipe Organ
Ironstone Vineyards
1894 Six Mile Road
Murphys, California

Driving Directions

Alhambra Hearkening back to the opulent formal ballrooms of the Gold Rush Era, the Alhambra Music Room is truly the gem of Ironstone Vineyards.

The Alhambra Music Room is guarded at one end by the MGM Studio Lions and graced at the other by the magnificently restored and fully operational Alhambra Theatre Pipe Organ. Adorned with art and antiques from the Kautz family's extensive collection, this ballroom is the pride of the Sierra Nevada region. There is absolutely nothing within a 100-mile radius that can compare with either the beauty of the room or the splendor of the vineyard views from the fifth-story picture windows.

The 3,886-square foot room features a built-in surround-sound system and is the site for a number of regularly scheduled special events. These range from winemaker dinners, to silent movies, which feature live accompaniment on the Alhambra Theatre Pipe Organ.

Alhambra The 3/15 Robert Morton theatre pipe organ was built in 1927 in Van Nuys, California, and was installed in the Alhambra Theatre in Sacramento. After the theatre closed its doors, the organ was removed and placed in the First Baptist Church in nearby Stockton. When the church decided to remodel and dispose of the organ, Bob Hartzell purchased it to save the organ from being broken up and sold as parts. He kept it until John Kautz obtained the organ for Ironstone Vineyards and designed the Alhambra Music Room especially to house it.

The organ is played on numerous occasions, including special concerts, private events, and Silent Movie Nights, which feature a buffet dinner and live accompaniment on the organ. The organ was featured for fifteen years at the highly acclaimed Morton Madness concerts. Pops Concert at Ironstone, a new series of annual concerts, featured a luncheon buffet followed by the concert.

Morton Madness

1995 Walt Strony  1996 Lew Williams  1997 Ron Rhode  1998 Barry Baker  1999 Clark Wilson

2000 Charlie Balogh  2001 Simon Gledhill  2002 Dave Wickerham  2003 Jelani Eddington  2004 Jonas Nordwall

2005 Tom Hazleton  2006 Jim Riggs  2007 Paul Quarino  2008 Ron Rhode  2009 Mark Herman

Pops Concert at Ironstone

2010 Martin Ellis  2011 Chris Gorsuch  2012 Brett Valliant  2013 Walt Strony  2018 Walt Strony

Main Chamber
Concert Flute
Flute Celeste
Oboe Horn
Orchestral Oboe
Violin Celeste #
Violin Celeste b
Solo Chamber
English Horn
Open Diapason
Tibia Clausa
Vox Humana
Percussion Chamber
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