Jim Roseveare Obituary

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James C. Roseveare was born in Paso Robles, California November 5, 1942. He studied piano while attending grammar school in San Jose. As a teenager, he heard a radio broadcast of the Wurlitzer organ in the Oakland Paramount Theatre. He became hooked on the sound and eventually studied classical organ with Richard Purvis, internationally acclaimed concert organist and composer.

Throughout the 1960s, '70s, and '80s, Roseveare played concerts for the American Theatre Organ Society. He was a featured artist at five ATOS conventions. His specialty was making intricate arrangements of the compositions of Robert Farnon and recreating the style of Jesse Crawford, the "Poet of the Organ." By day, Roseveare was a systems analyst with Bank of America, San Francisco.

When the Oakland Paramount Theatre was restored and opened to the public in 1973, Roseveare was the premier organist, playing a Rodgers organ. He participated in the design and installation of the Paramount's second Wurlitzer which was completed in 1981. He also served as Chairman of the NorCal Theatre Organ Society and was an organ crew member at Berkeley Community Theatre.

Roseveare died in Santa Clara, California December 11, 1988 at age 46. He was inducted into the ATOS Hall of Fame in 1994. The CD, "Tribute: Jim Roseveare Plays The Wiltern Kimball Theater Organ" was released in 1996.